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Our Services

Potomac Construction Services is a full-service general contractor that offers construction services in all phases of a project life cycle. From the early concept stages of a project through the completion of construction, Potomac Construction is a reliable contractor with proven results. As a general contractor in the DC Metropolitan Area for over a decade, our work speaks for itself – quality construction delivered by a professional project team on time and at competitive values based upon the complexity of the project. At Potomac Construction, we work closely with our clients to ensure the most critical aspects of a project are met. In addition to a 1-year warranty period, we remain committed until the project is completed to their utmost satisfaction.

Potomac Construction has developed strong and lasting relationships with the subcontractor community. Our talented group of pre-qualified subcontractors are proven in their trades and deliver timely, quality results. Our well-managed projects and commitment to our subcontractor agreements deepen our relationships, yielding the highest performance, responsiveness and greatest value.

Site Selection Reviews

Prior to signing a lease, Potomac Construction can accompany a prospective tenant to view potential sites and provide feedback based upon the physical and structural configuration of the space. Location is everything, but – let us help you evaluate all your options before committing to a potential space that may not suit your design intent.

Pre-Lease Due Diligence

As site options become more complex, we come equipped with a detailed checklist to conduct a more formal evaluation of all aspects of the space, which includes any structural or architectural issues that could potentially hinder a construction budget or timeline.

Pre-Construction Analysis

We know you’re eager to start and launch your concept. Before construction mobilization, we represent our clients to ensure the project is set up for success prior to any commitments made. Our experience proves engaging Potomac Construction early in the planning process maximizes the value we can bring. Costly missteps are avoided by the early evaluation of:

• Construction viability, based upon the structural aspects of a space

• Landlord tenant improvement letters

• Target schedules

• Preliminary budgets

Conceptual Budgeting

Due to our experience and expansive portfolio of successfully completed projects, we have compiled significant historical data that we draw upon to develop realistic and reliable budgets and schedules. This database allows us to provide credible information upon which our clients can make forward commitments, and includes:

• Conceptual Design Review / Consultation

• Conceptual Budgeting

• Lead Time / Schedule Analysis

• Constructability Review

Value Engineering

Having worked on hundreds of projects, of all varying size, site conditions and design, we have a wealth of knowledge, which we can incorporate into new projects. Potomac Construction formulates unique and creative solutions to achieve the design intent of the architectural team and our clients, within their available budget. Value Engineering can be introduced at any point in a project; however, it is most effective and can offer the highest rate of return when utilized early, in the planning stage of the project. When Potomac Construction Services is brought into a project in the conceptual or design development stage, we are keenly looking for value engineering opportunities so the Client can make the best decisions to align their concept and budget.

Construction Management

Potomac Construction’s reputation in the industry has provided opportunities to serve as a Construction Manager, which allow us to oversee all aspects of a project, ranging from the submittal and procurement process to a full-time onsite presence from one of our Superintendents. This expertise allows for an expert opinion throughout all stages of a construction project.

Service Work

For specialty and unique needs, Potomac Construction engages with our clients to perform service work. Often, this work includes high quality aspects, aggressive schedules or unique working conditions. Our core capabilities and strong subcontractor relationships enable us to effectively complete these jobs to the client’s satisfaction.