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Planta Queen is a 4,274-square-foot all-plant-based restaurant designed with an Asian. Beautiful poppy flowers and Chinese dragon wallpaper decorate the walls only to be highlighted by a striking 8-foot neon dragon across the front dining area wall. The three-tiered ceiling with lighting around each tier creates a warm glow that engulfs the restaurant.

At the center of the restaurant is the stunningly lit granite top bar. The back of the bar consists of multi-tiered wine and liquor compartments that are elegantly lit, with greenery draping over its edge. Past the bar is another seating area that has a raised ceiling with a delicate combination of millwork, gold new mat, and lighting. Along the back wall are shimmering gold mosaic tiles that glisten when the light hits them.

  • 4,274 SF
  • Located at 1200 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036